White widows the best cannabis strain

The use of marijuana has passed through various states; in some moments in history, it has been considered one of the worst things globally, and in others, a highly revered plant. In any case, in our time, scientists have shown how the cannabinoid spindle can be an excellent adjunct in some of the treatments for conditions such as anxiety, epilepsy, depression, and even bipolar disorder.

Its qualities as an anti-inflammatory are also well known. Its application in treating diseases or injuries that cause chronic pain and inflammation is already widespread in some countries.
Many varieties have appeared on the market in recent decades. Thanks to the intervention of hundreds of growers who have taken on the task of combining many of the families, both sativa and indica, to get the best benefits from all of them. This will achieve much more powerful and specialized species.
Some of these contain high percentages of THC and others a little more CBD; the genetic crossing between the species also alters the taste and smell and many other characteristics. A clear example of this is the white widows.
White widows and their benefits
This species results from the cross between Sativa from Brazil and Sativa / Indica from Kerala from South India. One of the predominant characteristics is the presence of a large amount of resin, which increases this plant’s potency, taking its THC percentage even over 20%.
This plant produces an intense effect on neuronal connections. Its fruity and sweet flavor make it one of the most delicious strains of marijuana, leading it to win several times as the best strain in the 1990s.
The growkit for this cannabis strain
The grow kits for this variety, or seed packets, depending on the variety. There are many plants derived from this variety, and each one has certain characteristics that can condition the type of substrate and the treatments required. However, its cultivation is not very complicated, and you can have the first flowers in a few weeks.
The important thing is the amount of resin that these plants produce, so the irrigation and the amount of fertilizer necessary must be correct for this effect to be beneficial. The kit includes everything you need and instructions so that your first plants are as productive as they could be.


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